Homemaking....YOUR Way

by Kalyn Brooke

Have you ever looked at your home and wondered where to start or how to manage it, without turning into a 1950`s housewife? The Modern Girl`s Guide to Homemaking shows you how to run a successful home in the 21st century, and fits with your lifestyle and schedule!

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A Workbook for Women Living in the 21st Century

Easy to Use Guide

17 Unique Ideas to Get Started

Each step expands upon your answers and gives you ideas to create a household management system that actually works.

Sneak Peek!

This printable workbook tackles the most important areas of every household. Through various prompts and questions, you will be taken on a journey through what homemaking looks for your family, no matter your size or schedule.

About The Book

The Modern Girl's Guide is just the start. You'll be provided links to extra resources that enhance everything you've just learned.

Extra Resources to Explore

Why you should adopt the term, family-centered homemaking, and how to divide household responsibilities among the entire family unit.

Why homemaking isn’t just about the day-to-day activities, but the look and feel of your actual home.

How to make meal planning magic, even if you hate being in the kitchen.

How budgeting relates to household management, and the tools you need to create one.

How cleaning can actually be less of a dreaded chore. Yep, it’s true!

What You'll Learn...

How to make family #1 and create a positive and loving atmosphere for everyone involved!

About The Author

Kalyn Brooke is a life management expert for busy women who crave a simpler and more organized life. Her popular lifestyle site,, features both practical solutions and creative inspiration to make every day just a little bit easier, whether you’re looking for smart money tips, time saving routines, or anything in-between. 

Kalyn has been featured on WINK News, BuzzFeed, Good Housekeeping,, and She is also the Amazon best-selling author of 31 Days to Radically Reduce Your Expenses. Kalyn currently resides in Southwest Florida with her husband, Joseph, and two terribly spoiled rabbits. 

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A Workbook for Women Living in the 21st Century

Only $4.99

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